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SFX Libraries

DynInt001 – Fabric



A construction pack for fabric and basic foley. DynInt001 info and purchase

DynInt002 – Submarine Switches



Old-school mechanical interfacing. DynInt002 info and purchase

DynInt003 – Cassette Deck



Analog playback devices. DynInt003 info and purchase

DynInt004 – Weapon Foley



Hand and long gun mechanics. DynInt004 info and purchase

DynInt005 – Middle Eastern Ambiences



Urban ambiences from Cairo and Dubai. DynInt005 info and purchase


Free SFX Packs

DynIntGF1 – Galapagos Souvenirs



A small pack of sounds collected in the Galapagos Islands. DynIntGF1 info and download

All sound effects libraries and packs available for purchase through the links above are for personal use (single user licenses) only. Multi-seat licenses for larger facilities and institutions are available, simply use the contact form to inquire about the license that best suits your needs. Thanks for checking out the libraries!