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DynInt001 – Fabric

By no means would I call this library “exhaustive” (nothing can truly replace the character of well performed foley), but it is very much “extensive.” DynInt001 – Fabric is a large collection of fabric handling and movement recording, including rips and tears, with minimal processing. It has been designed as a construction kit to allow you to build the sounds you need for your projects. The natural dynamic ranges of these recordings have been preserved; absolutely no compression or limiting has been applied to any of the sounds you’ll find in this library. Fabric types include Burlap, Cotton, Linen, Nylon, Silk, and blends: such as Cotton/Linen and Polyester/Rayon. Multiple weaves and weights of cotton can be found in the library as well: Denim, Canvas, Heavy and Light Cotton, Soft Cotton, Pilled, Herringbone and Ripstop. […which is definitely not rip “proof,” by the way. ;) ] Also included is a small collection of fasteners: Velcro, Snap Buttons and Zippers. Overall, it’s a library designed to give you a bit more flexibility when a dedicated foley artist or recording space aren’t available. The Specs:

  • 6.5GB
  • 1,870 Files containing 9,000+ unique sounds, all files delivered at 24/96
  • Metadata embedded and Soundminer ready
  • Full track listing and metadata can be viewed by downloading this tab-delimited text file (load into any spreadsheet software such as MS Excel or Open Office Calc)
  • Single User License – $200 (for enquiries regarding multiple user licenses, please use the contact form)
  • Individual files also available on [note: Link goes to general Dynamic Interference library page, not the individual library.]

Available for purchase at

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Shaun is a sound designer living in and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. His audio-post career began in 2004 at WGBH in Boston, and has since included a wide array of film and television/streaming projects, with brief forays into games and VR. He has presented at the Smithsonian Institute, been published in Game Developer Magazine and currently works at Skywalker Sound.

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