Is it already 2017?!

1/6/17 – OK. So it’s been a little…alright, long while since I posted an update here. Last year’s projects include a few films you may have seen (Angry Birds, Ice Age: Collision Course, Allied), one television special (Ice Age: The Great Eggscapade), and one doc that is releasing in the U.S. sometime this spring (In Pursuit of Silence). Currently, I’m working on season 5 of House of Cards, and another show for Netflix called Mindhunter. Keep an eye out for both later this year. I’ve really got to get my blog back up and running and replace this page with it.

Hand of God Released

9/4/15 – I spent several months this year editing dialog for the first season of Hand of God. It’s now available on Amazon, and free viewing is included for Amazon Prime subscribers.

SFX Libraries Now On

8/6/15 – All commercial sound effects libraries are now available on Free SFX packs can still be accessed from the old SFX Store page.