A Round of Thanks to Start Off 2013

2012 was a pretty good year for me, and I’m looking forward to what 2013 brings. I got pretty busy between work and taking on a more active role over at Designing Sound, and that left little time for me to do anything here. I plan to correct that issue to the best of my ability, but I thought I’d start off by thanking some of the people who made 2012 a blast.

The first person I have to thank is Christen Bach, for pulling me onto his project, “The Animation Tag Attack.” It was a crazy and fun challenge, and it’s won a slew of awards so far (one of them for sound design thank you very much)!

Damian Kastbauer continues to give me far more credit than I deserve. He’s the one who connected me with Game Developer Magazine…you know, the people who published my crazy ramblings about approaches for the use of loudness metering in video games. That and he’s always fun guy to wax conversational with.

AES was a blast, as always, but I need to thank my fellow panelists for making sure I didn’t look and sound like an idiot up in front of a hundred or so people. Kyrsten Mate, Elise Baldwin and Nathan Moody were great to hang out with and made that presentation far more successful than I could have on my own. Thanks to all of you. [Did I mention that Nathan also designed that kick-ass logo at the top of the page?]

The last round of big thanks goes to the other guys over at Designing Sound. Jack, Varun, Mike, Jake, Peter and Colin…it’s awesome working with you guys, and I can’t wait until I actually get to meet some of you in person for a change! …well, I’ve already met Colin at least. [You can find information on how to follow those gents over at DesigningSound.org]

Of course, this community we’re a part of is amazing beyond compare. It’s a beast that consumes everything in it’s path…just ask all the people who showed up to the AES drink up back in October…and the other (very sizable) group that couldn’t find us in the bar! [I still don't know how they missed us...lol] I keep meeting new and awesome people literally every week. That, probably more than anything, makes me excited for this year.

Now to get some edifying content on this site again… ;)

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  1. Thanks Shaun, so great to have you as part of the game audio discussion. You’re an invaluable voice for the community!

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