And the Winner of SDC009 is…

Wow, I feel like I just finished a marathon. I’ve got to do a few thanks before I type out the winner here. First off, a huge thanks goes out to the judges who showed some real dedication to make the decision on this. We had a bunch lined up, but lost a few to factors outside of their control. So thank you to Damian Kastbauer, Jeff Seamster and Jordan Fehr. Another big thanks to Ric Viers and Blastwave FX for providing the sound effects for this challenge. Lastly, second round of thanks to Damian and Jeff, with the addition of Richie Nieto, for helping me put this one together.

And now…another ellipsis…

Congratulations to Hrishikesh Dani!

It was a heated battle in the final rounds of judging, but we ultimately came to the consensus that Rishi’s entry represented the best combination of sound design for a background element and implementation techniques within Wwise. I’ll be contacting him for the usual inteview, but first…I’m taking a vacation!

This one goes out to all of the participants: Nice work! There were a number of very cool implementation ideas going on here. Damian and I are cooking something up to give you all some feedback (it’ll probably take a while though), so be on the lookout for that in the future. The other judges and I are curious how long each of you have been using Wwise. So, leave a comment and let us know.

Just a little reminder that if you’d like to see how each of the participants approached their design using Wwise, you can download all of the enties in this one little file (right-click and download). Just a suggestion, put each entry into it’s own Wwise project. If you don’t have the sound effects pack, you won’t be able to listen (no, it’s not available for download anymore)…but you can still explore the project and the different functions within Wwise that each entrant used. Awesome little learning tool!

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9 Responses to And the Winner of SDC009 is…

  1. Luca Fusi says:

    Congrats Dani!

    Had used Wwise a couple of times before the competition, mostly just for playing around/simulation, not in a real-deal implementation yet.

  2. There was some inspired implementation going on under the hood, well done and congrats to everyone!

  3. Kyle says:

    well done Rishi!

  4. Dan Costello says:

    Congrats! Good stuff in there (that goes for everybody).

    I had never used wwise.


  5. Rishi Dani says:

    @Luca and @Kyle Thanks guys :)

    This was my second encounter with Wwise, first one was sound replacement for AudioKinetic Cube game which is available on Wwise site. But didn’t know anything about RTPC and Blend Tracks until I saw the sample project provided by Richie Nieto.

    It was interesting the way each entrant took a very unique approach towards the sound design and implementation. I highly recommend to explore the zip pack for anyone new to Wwise.

  6. Jack Menhorn says:

    I had poked around in Wwise before, but just going through tutorials and replacing sounds for Cube.

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