The Alpha Yetis: SDC006 Finalists

Well, the judges have made their decisions, and we now have our five finalists!

We tried out a new nomination system this time around, and it seemed to work pretty well. So, I’ll be sticking with this new system for the foreseeable future (or at least next month). This doesn’t mean a lot for the rest of you beyond two points

  1. It seems like we may be able to get the voting up faster.
  2. The judges are not going to be making comments about the entries in the “Finalists” posts anymore.

So, review our 5 and pick your favorite. While you’re at it, remember that these are supposed to be conveying emotions.  So consider that element for your decision.

In chronological order of entry:

Soundywoman’s back again:
Yeti by soundywoman

Oliver Cooper (Psywoz):
Yeti sounds by Psywoz

James Nixon (jpnixon):
SDC006 YETI JNixon by jpnixon

Colin Hart:
Yeti Print Final by Colin Hart

Daylon Walden (noisefiction):
SDC6 Yeti Vox by noisefiction

Congratulations to the finalists. February’s Challenge will start on the 17th. Feel free to leave comments below, but don’t forget to vote!

[Voting ends at 9:30PM on Sunday, February 6th (U.S. Eastern Standard Time).]

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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3 Responses to The Alpha Yetis: SDC006 Finalists

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  2. John hart says:

    Very interesting

  3. Some really cool sounds here.

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