About Dynamic Interference

Making new friends in the Galapagos

Dynamic Interference, LLC, is an audio services company for visual media and is owned by Shaun Farley, MPSE.

One of his childhood heroes was Michael Winslow (aka Motor Mouth Jones from the Police Academy movies); so in retrospect, his choice in career path probably isn’t all that surprising. Walking around and imitating the sounds and noises that you hear everyday is a little awkward socially. So, he started doing the next best thing…recording, editing and mixing them.

After spending a few years exploring the “live” side of the audio industry, Shaun first stepped into a recording studio in 2002. He took his first post-production editing gig in 2004, at WGBH Boston, and has never looked back. His career has been focused on television and film, but there’s been a bit of radio and interactive that’s crept in over the years as well. Until recently, he was employed as an in-house sound editor and re-recording mixer at Teleproductions International (TPI), where he edited and mixed for internationally distributed television programming; working on both original programs for TPI, and helping the occasional neglected production feel a little more loved. Since the company’s closing, Shaun has been working as a freelance sound editor and is always itching to find new and exciting challenges.

Shaun is also very involved in the professional community. He is an active member of the MPSE, has presented at AES, been published in Game Developer Magazine, and was a special presenter at The Smithsonian in November of 2013. He can be found online at DesigningSound.org (where he is a contributing editor), waxing conversational on SocialSoundDesign.com, or struggling to be concise on Twitter @DynInterference. He maintains another blog loaded with audio nerditude here…if you’re into that kind of thing.